Coconut Vinegar: Benefits, Uses And Step-By-Step Guide To Make It At Home

Coconut has gained quality round the world as a ‘superfood.’ The oil from coconut has been notably hailed for its treasure treasure of healthy fats. Southeast Asians are enamoured with coconut and every one coconut product for an extended time currently. Now, that the western world is additionally catching up with the fibrous fruit’s wonders, coconut and coconut product are a lot of in demand. when copra oil has become a well-liked healthy oil selection for health freaks, coconut milk is additionally being employed as a non-dairy milk various in an exceedingly range of dishes. However, there’s one coconut product that’s nonetheless to achieve its rightful place within the spotlight – coconut vinegar.

Coconut vinegar is employed in an exceedingly range of dishes of Goan cooking as a spoilage agent and a flavour -enhancer. It’s conjointly employed in making ready the desi Goan alcoholic drink – coconut feni. it’s milder in style than the additional standard apple vinegar and incorporates a cloudy, white look. Coconut vinegar is employed for making ready ancient Goan delicacies like vindaloo and sorpotel. It also can be ready reception and might be employed in variety of the way. however before we tend to go in the method of making ready the vinegar, let’s take a glance at a number of the advantages of coconut vinegar.

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